A series of activity cards charting major milestones in the story of British Gospel music

– from the nineteenth century to the present day.

Just like the black box recorder that keeps a record of everything that happens on an aeroplane during a flight, the GOSPEL BLACK BOX is a record of major happenings in the journey of British Gospel music.

This collection of 15 cards gives young learners a fun and fact-filled walk through the history of British Gospel music, starting in 1873 (when Queen Victoria attended her first Gospel concert), then going to 1948 (the year of Windrush and the beginnings of British Gospel as we know it today) up to 2020, with a young Gospel singer winning ITV’s popular talent show The Voice.

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Each card in the set contains one big Gospel music story from a given year, two other historic facts from that year, plus an activity for children to try out for themselves.

These eye-catching cards are an ideal resource for Black History Month, or for Religious Education (RE) or music